The Original Calm Pillow

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The Modern Day Pillow Has Been Invented.

The Calm Pillow is skillfully crafted to provide optimal back support for back and side sleepers. It does not matter what sleeping posture you prefer, the calm pillow can help you find the perfect sleeping position each time.

Cool Comfortable & Sturdy.

The Calm Pillow offers you a cool head at all times, making sure you keep up with a comfortable temperature at all times. As the breathable design offers a constant airflow through the pillow. Leaving no marks on your face, and leaving your skin fresh. Additionally, the sturdy yet comfortable form of the pillow keeps up with a constant shape. Eliminating the need to fluff the pillow every few hours. 

Superior Head & Shoulders Support.

A breathable pillow that is designed keeping a scientific method in mind. Offering you head a leveled support that sets your neck in a comfortable space. Making sure every muscle and bone from your shoulder up is comfortably supported.

Quality Memory Foam.

The sleeping pillow is crafted using premium-grade memory foam that offers you a cool and dry setting. Offering you a silky smooth and soft base that is durable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. A dust mite protected pillow that can help you achieve a soothing and refreshing sleeping pattern.

Risk Free 30-Night Trial!

It's quality base helps create a reliable sleeping pattern and position, enhancing your body and mind working with a deep sleep. A 30 day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to test the calm pillow in different aspects. A complete cycle of healthy sleeping that leaves you content and happy each morning.